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Every story has a voice — whether it’s one that you’ve created using your imagination or it’s a professional who can interpret the text and create an auditory experience that enhances the story. The latter is my sweet spot — I’m the “voice in your head.”

I know — that sounds scary — but it’s exactly what I’ve done over the past fifteen years.


Mikael Naramore

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As a self-proclaimed nerd, I’ve always had a fascination with fantastical worlds, whether those have been reimaginations of our world here, on Earth, or beyond our galaxy. And even in stories that aren’t entirely imaginary, a singular voice can offer a different interpretation of the text as it exists on paper. That’s what I do as a voice actor and audiobook narrator — interpret the voice of the text so that you, too, may explore different galaxies within the story.

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Mikael NaramoreMikael Naramore

About Mikael

I’m Mikael Naramore, a professional voice actor and audiobook narrator located outside of Portland, Oregon. To date, I have narrated over 300 audiobook titles and have been honored with a Audie Award in 2017 along with an ensemble cast in The Brink: Stories by Austin Bunn.

With a lifelong background in the performing arts, voice acting and audiobook narration came quite naturally to me. After a childhood spent on stage and sometimes in front of a camera, teenage years playing in touring indie rock bands, and eventually obtaining a degree in audio production, I joined the studio team at Brilliance Publishing in 2001. There, I worked in all facets of production: from  cutting tape as intern, to recording and post-production engineer, and eventually to director, all the while gleaning technique and advice from the industry’s top talent with narration being my goal.

Now, I’ve found my stride by combining my experience as a stage performer with the training of a voice actor. Instead of reading lines in a broadcast-packaged baritone, I act out narration and dialogue, embodying characters and situations with my voice. It’s not enough to just read the words on the page — I bring text to life.